Studded Happiness+Get 'Em Tigrrrrr

All 3 bracelets range from $2.80-$4.80
Adding to the collection of bracelets, right now I have been seeing so many with different quotes, shapes, and styles. These in particular I got at Forever 21, or which are really inexpensive and I really like combining them. I love the studded one which gives an edge but its very casual also, not too over the top. The "Happiness" bracelet is just a reminder when I am wearing it to be happy ! I purchased one for my younger sister also, because we know this life is not easy but we must try to make each other happy, and most importantly ourselves! The 3rd faux diamond bracelet is one I have had for a couple years now, but you can find similiar ones or ones you have in your collections already to mix and combine!

Tiger Tee @forever21 $14.80
Continuing with our #spotted, I saw this and I thought you guys would like it because with this crazy hot weather in California, its cool to throw on a light breezy tee with a cool graphic. This can transition from the summer to the fall and winter and you can pair it up with a cool leather jacket or some camoflauge jeans or shorts. You can also tuck it in your favorite pair of shorts or skirt ! It is $14.80 and will keep you very chic. :) -Sincerely SELVIN !!

(This is just the beginning with FASHION, there is much much more to come with pariswallflower and I thank anyone and everyone who supports and keeps up with us ! Much LOVE !!)


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