#ThrowbackThursday starring Natalie+Selvin; Inspire.

Today I knew I wanted to post this picture on Instagram for #throwbackthursday and looking at the picture I began to think. I thought how far my sister and I have come, and how long ago we were just kids naive about life and not knowing what was to come. I guess we always believed and felt that everything would turn out fine, no matter what. Looking back now I am happy that we have remained close even though we have had our fights and arguments but, through every trial and tribulation, we face them together; many on our own moments but we vent afterwards to each other. I felt like this should not just be a picture put up for #throwbackthursday but also a way to uplift and inspire, anyone and everyone to think about how far they have come. Even if you are not where you want to be, you get closer every day. I think that as a young adult and my sister as a teenager, we analyze things so much more, obviously, much more than when we were the age on the photograph. So if we have overcome so much since then, we can do it for everything else to come ! Friends, lovers, money, and problems have come and gone but we are far better now than then. So lets be excited for our lives and those who are in this with us. Even if you do not have siblings or do not get along with them, whatever the dynamic may be, I hope you have one family member or someone who is like family to you who you can always run to and know they will make you laugh and smile like my sister Natalie does for me, and what I hope I do for her. And if not, Selvin is here for you to inspire !!! I love you Nana❤ -Sincerely Selvin


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