#inspiredby: Happy Birthday Adriana McCloud !

One of my biggest inspirations has been my best friend Adriana ! Today she would have been turning 22, and we met when we were 11 so it would be 11 years of our friendship! Her memory lives on and what she taught me when she was alive is how to be myself, be fearless, laugh at the top of my lungs, and to be loyal. Through her passing she taught me that I am tougher and braver than I thought, that I can overcome such a heartbreak, to not give up on my dreams, and that although people pass away that the LOVE between the two, does not. That was so special to me, because I would ask myself, what happens to the love? It is forever there, and always will be in the air, space, and universe. She brought a different side out of me, and I will always be grateful that even though we only lived life together for a short period of time, that we got the opportunity in the first place. We became important to each other, and were not only Best Friends, but family. A true love, a true soulmate, Happy Birthday to my amazing lovebug Adriana McCloud !


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