#throwbackthursday 10.24.12: Inspire

It is amazing how much can change in a year. How much you can realize, learn, and experience. I remember at the time I took this picture, there were heavy winds and I was not going anywhere, I just wanted to dress up. After I took this picture I ran out of the house and let the winds caress my face and body and I felt so alive. In the timeframe I was living with my parents, and thinking heavily about what the next step in my life was. It was 2 weeks and a half before my 21st birthday and I did not even know if I was ready to take on that, but I knew it was time to do MORE. At the time someone I love and care for so much was leaving me to go far far away, to pursue his dreams, and although I was happy for him and support him 100%, I could not bear the thought of being without him in the process, I needed him to be there. Throughout so much happened, I feel like a new and better version of SELVIN, and when I say I love Selvin I really mean it. I will give a more thorough overview of this year when my birthday come around on NOVEMBER 10 !! This is just a synopsis and look at how I was and where I was at the time this picture was taken. The importance is that I'm not where I was, not there yet, but closer than before. You too will get there !


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