#Repost: Inspiration: New York City

Lately I have not been feeling like myself, overthinking and wondering what my next step is, to get to a better place. I want to do more for myself and with my career, and for the ones I love. I look at this picture of New York City, and all of the lights seem to amaze me. Inspires me to step my game up, and give it my all, my best to get to a better place. My mom has told me before to always, "Remember who you are, and what you have been blessed with. Life is for the triumphant and courageous, not the weak and scared.", and she asks me, "Do you want to be the pityful, sad person, or the one who overcomes and smiles at life !" One day I will get there, but first things first, I have to toughen it out and keep going. So from me to you, let's do it ! - Selvin

Posted originally on September 17, 2013; I was looking back at older posts and saw this again and remembered the feeling at that moment. It reinspired me and I knew I had to repost it to inspire anyone going through moments where they feel like giving up. Please do not, and continue on your journey. With love, Selvin


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