#Throwback Thursday: Selvin

#ThrowbackThursday and it feels so good ! Sort of.

I wanted to share a couple of pictures from 2012, and I can't believe its been 2 years ! There's a little backstory to this and if you are interested continue reading. (:

Around this time I was 20, living in my parents home, working for my best friend's dad. I had just left from working at Forever 21, after 2 and a half years. I was trying to figure out what would be my next step. My motivation for myself is continuous progression, elevation, to a higher self and of course to be able to help myself, my family, and others. I did not know how much I would miss my mom after moving out. I finance myself, take care of myself, and am blessed all by the grace of God. I see life as blocks, going from one to the other.

My message is to begin NOW. I look back and starting this blog 2 years ago would have brought me further now had I not waited. Although I am not sure if I would have been ready at that time so everything happens at its proper time and moment; but if you have an idea, if you have a dream, start now! Brainstorm, come up with ideas, so you can be far more ahead than you would if you wait around. I appreciate all of the love always, and I will remember it in the future. XO-SP

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