Instagram Flick Picks

This time around I have a 2 part Instargram Flick Picks post. There are just so many to choose from, and I want to show love to as many that are really captivating.
I do not mind showing love, the more the better. I think it can get quite boring when it is all about the same person and pretty narcissistic. If you have the opportunity, why not celebrate someone else?
I have a heavy opinion about other's celebrating others and I will speak more on that topic on my next post. For now enjoy these picks and remember you can be in the next selection. Be creative and be yourself!
Part Deux of this post will be up in the following days. Follow these Instagrammer's and share with your peeps. I will also begin the Instagram Beauties Posts, so keep a lookout for that!
Xxo, Selvin P.


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