Keep Dreaming Beautiful Moments: Mya and Selvin Paris

Never stop dreaming for beautiful moments. I truly believe that there will be better moments in our lives. 3 years ago today I met my first all time favorite singer, MYA, and I still cannot believe that it happened. I did not know what to say when I was with her face to face, which is funny because I had all these things I always wanted to tell her.
All I remember saying is "I love you," and "I'm so nervous."
I think persistence, and patience is key to achieving every dream. I still am a fan of Mya and everyone who knew me growing up knew that she was my fave. It may have taken years, for it to happen, but I am super glad that I can say it did!
That my friends goes for everything. It may take years for one of your dreams to happen whatever they may be but with dedication and faith, it will happen at the right time.
Recently I wrote to Mya on Instagram and surprisingly she replied! I was so happy and goes to show the little things still surprise me. I am fighting for my dream to one day also be able to help those who are fighting for theirs. Then we will not be fighting for it but actually living it! Keep dreaming my friends! Do not give up, one day your sweet surprise will come to you!


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