Real Love: Are You With Your Soul Mate? + Liane V. Music and SATC

Do you believe you’ve found your soul mate? What’s more important in a relationship sex or gifts? Giving your heart to another person is the most universal impulse, yet the most singular thing we do. Have you ever worried that your relationship is not like everyone else’s? Well it should not be! The relationship you have between you and your partner is one that should be special, and like no one else’s! What do you feel there is not enough of: emotional support, sexual satisfaction, unconditional acceptance, gifts, companionship, or admiration? I ask these questions so that you can ask yourself and be 100% honest.

The top 5 reasons couples fight consistently are about money, household chores, children and parenting, family, and sex. Do you agree or disagree? What about deal breakers; what would be your top 5 deal breakers? My top 5 deal breakers are: infidelity, chronic fighting, no longer in love, boredom, and sexual incapability. These are red flags that the person you are with could or could not be your soul mate.

Do you ever fantasize about calling it quits? And would you if you could do it all over again with someone new or would you choose the same partner? If you are thinking and over-analyzing on why you should leave or why you should stay then consider the fact that you are driving yourself crazy on someone who is not worth your mental health. If you would do it all over again with the same person, then you know your love is genuine, and true. No one wants to do something again unless they really, really liked it!

Do you feel it’s the best thing that ever happened to you, or do you feel that it is better than being alone? Do you feel trapped, or staying together for the kids? You have to be able to have real conversations. It’s not always easy, but make a point of taking ten minutes each day to talk about something more meaningful, it allows you to be more grateful and accomplished in your relationship! Fight clean! You need to know how to air your differences productively. It always leads into someone being right instead of coming to the real issue. Do not bring up the past also, it is not healthy to keep going back to 2011 when you are in 2014! Take responsibility if you hurt your partner in any way, shape, or form. The last person you should feel prideful with is the one person you truly love, and if you feel they are your soul mate then that is more than enough reason to let your guard down. Love is not only on Valentine’s Day, but the one that shows you love everyday. If you are afraid to love, look deep down within yourself and ask yourself why?

One final thing, the ‘L’ word. Three words, eight letters, one huge meaning, I Love You. Why do we say it if we do not mean it? Ask yourself why would I tell someone I love them if I will not commit to those expectations? I feel that with saying I love you, comes a big responsibility, and you are accountable for playing with someone’s heart or fulfilling those desires that come with that. If you are ready then say it, if not think twice before you toy with someone’s emotions. Love is a beautiful thing, we all want love, we all need love. It helps us feel happier, and most importantly LOVE yourself first! You will forever feel empty if you do not love yourself, care about yourself, and know that you are worth it! Xxo Selvin Paris!

1 Corinthians 13:13
And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love.

Make sure to listen to my my boo Liane V’s new song called "Kite", by clicking >>

And if you have not met your soul mate you can always do what the ladies of Sex and the City did and be soul mates with your best friends. (:  (Video on the following page.) Feel free to leave your comments!


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