E! Total Divas: Ariane Andrew Single Listening Party

 Ariane Andrew + Eva Marie "Bye Bye"
 PopStop TV Host XiXi Yang working the Red Carpet
 Chris Brown (Kidding, he is an up and coming Rapper.)
Selvin Paris, XiXi Yang, Ariane Andrew + Vinny

E! Total Divas Camera Crew

Red Carpet Filming

 Ariane Andrew + XiXi Yang
Quincy "Diddy's" Stepson

PopStop TV's XiXi Yang Interviewing Eva Marie

YouTube Beauty Guru Yency + Selvin Paris

PopStop TV's Kassandra Gil, Stephanie + YouTube Beauty Guru Yency

#ByeBye is the first official single by my friend, and sister from another mister, Total Divas, Ariane Andrew. I love the song and cannot wait for everyone to hear it and purchase it when it is released this Summer!
The perfect track to keep you pumped whether you are working out, hitting the club, at the beach, or to give you that boost of energy, you can say Bye Bye to a dull time.
The night was captured by PopStop TV and XiXi Yang, whom interviewed Ariane, Eva Marie, Quincy, and many more. Make sure to check out www.PopStopTV.com for those exclusives!
A big shout out to the crew and my loves Kassandra, Yency, Stephanie, Chris, XiXi, and of course Ariane + Eva Marie. We are all chasing our dreams, and conquering it together.
A quick reflection of the image of myself where you can see the Red Carpet, Ariane, XiXi and Vinny in the background. If the mirror was not behind me you would think it was just a simple #Selfie of myself peacefully and adoringly, and you would not think that all the production was going on in front of me. I think that is how we all as humans are. People judge our lives by what they think they see and we judge others as well. We think this person has it going on, this other one has nothing to complain about but in reality there is much going on.
We should stop and instead of bringing someone down to boost yourself up, think about the chaos and things that they could be going through that you do not see in their foreground. Let us celebrate each other, help one another, or simply not say anything at all if there is nothing good from it. Live and love sweetly, Xxo Selvin Paris.


  1. girls at the end look flyyyyy, 3rd on right with gray woooo


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