Heaven Couldn't Wait For Adriana

Sometimes I daydream and imagine my best friend walking up to me once again. I think about what I would tell her, what I would do if I got the chance to see her once more alive. 5 years ago, March 16, 2009, at age 17 Adriana McCloud passed away. I know what I would tell her, after giving her the biggest hug in the world, I would tell her how much I've missed her and how much I don't want to see her go. If you have lost someone I am sure you think about how it would be if they were still around. I definitely believe it would make life as sweet as it was then, now. It truly taught me to appreciate and love the people I love whole heartedly, and with no fear to love them. Life does go on, you learn to deal, and you have to thank God for the time you have with those he has blessed you with in your life. It has made me more eager to fulfill my destiny and really go after what I want because she no longer has that chance. She no longer can fight for her dreams, explore the world, or experience life, but I can, and if you are reading this you can too! We are still here alive, and if we have the opportunity to be living, why not do it to the fullest and have our dreams come true.
I believe everyone we meet, we meet for a reason, an understanding, a lesson.
A friend of mine just passed away on January 10, 2014 and it completely shocked me. I kept holding it off from talking to him and simply calling to say hello I finally decided to months later and found out he had passed away. We get so caught up thinking everyone will be fine and we can talk to them at a later time not realizing they too can pass. I was at a loss for words and felt guilty for not showing enough care.
After everything new blessings come along, and thankfully I can celebrate March 17 as my nephew's birthday! Nathan Yosimar is turning 1 tomorrow and he being born has brought me such happiness and after my mourning of my fallen best friend I can celebrate the birth of my sweet angel.
Rest in peace Adriana McCloud and all our loved ones whom have passed and are in paradise. Xxo, Selvin Paris



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