Spring Beauty Inspiration: Lauren Bacall

Soft contouring, sweet dramatic eyes, wavy glam hair, and a plush rose-peach lip screams SPRING BEAUTY trends!
Spring is here and calls for a simpler, more natural face. Of course we have our pastel and neon colors, our denim and florals, and our white silhouettes doing all the talking, keep the face minimalized with your own beauty being the highlight.
A simple tone of peach, rose, or combination of a rosy-peach, the lip should be your highlight this spring!
Right before summer begins, the time when most of the women in California have their hair in buns and slicked back ponytails, take advantage of the breezy Spring weather and wear your hair down in wavy beach waves, or like Ms. Bacall as pictured above does in a contolled wavy glam manner.
Whatever way you choose to do so, take risks, try new things, and be yourself!
Remember you live once, but you are alive every day so why not do it for you!
Xxo, Selvin Paris
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