New Music: Lykke Li + A$AP Rocky - No Rest For The Wicked (Remix)

"I let my good one down, I let my true love down, I had his heart but I broke it everytime," sings Lykke Li.
As soon as I found out about this collaboration, I was hoping I would not be disappointed and I definitely was not.
Ever hear a song and think, dam, as soon as the song ends, and think about how every word, and lyric resonates with you?
Maybe your the wicked one? Or maybe you have been hurt by the wicked one. We all have our stories, and to myself, I feel like I connect on both ends of the spectrum with this song. Maybe you do too?
Lykke Li and A$AP Rocky are two of my favorite artists, and this song will be on replay this summer! Talk about nostalgia, and props to Lykke Li making me enjoy her music once again.
Xxo, Selvin Paris @iloveselvin
Soon to be @SelvinParis 


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