#BeInspired: The Paris, in Selvin Paris

They ask me, why use Paris after my name.
This here is why. Paris is the City of Lights, the City of Love, a romantic and whimsical, yet Fashion forward place. I grew up with a fascination of Paris, an admiration for the city, the language, and the culture.
Coco Chanel, and Lanvin are just a couple of the most iconic Fashion Houses from Paris. I always like to say that Selvin is pretty much like Lanvin, hence the 'vin' at the end. I am proud to be born and raised in the West Coast, but Paris has a special place in my heart.
When I decided to give my name more of a 'brand' name, I decided to add something I have admired for so long, that being Paris. Therefore, Selvin Paris was born!
Maybe in my past life I was Parisian, and it followed me to this one. Maybe I wasn't! Whatever the case, I wish to be there one day, and I know that when it happens, it will be amazing.
Xxo, Selvin Paris @SelvinParis


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