Selvin Paris is Teen Vogue Certified!

"Dear Selvin, Good Luck Future E/C! (Editor-In-Chief) < 3 Amy Astley" 3 years ago in my FIDM days, I had the opportunity to meet Teen Vogue's one and only Editor-In-Chief, @amytastley ! She saw what was then, a simpler version of my magazine. She was visiting Fashion Universities to not only promote the #TeenVogue Handbook, but to inspire dreamers, like myself, that if you show initiative and self-motivation, you will not only talk the talk, but walk the walk. The poignant thing that I learned from her was to not only talk about it, BE ABOUT IT! So what are you waiting for? For me a #WomanCrushWednesday should not only be about the looks, but about the brains, desire to win, elegance, and work ethic! 
Xxo, Selvin Paris @SelvinParis


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