#BeInspired: For My Sister: Karla Tinoco Lopez

If I could have made you stay, if I could have stopped you, I would have. I think about how things would have been if you never left to Costa Rica. If you would've been at my graduations, if you could have wiped my tears through my first heartbreak, or even just spending the day and getting ice cream, I would have done anything to have you here.
I am so proud of you and the woman you are, and that you have a husband who loves and takes care of you, and who you love and take care of! Your 4 beautiful children, that I wish to meet one day. I always wanted to be like you, I loved Elvis because you loved Elvis, I disliked Jennifer Lopez (at the time) because I overheard you saying you didn't really like her. (at the time lol) I wanted to do my best in school because you always told me to. I even got jealous once Natalie was born because I wanted to be the only baby sibling to you! Although I love my Natalie now, I just never told you these things, because I didn't want you to feel guilty, nor should you. I know it is not your fault, but I wish I could have stopped certain people from hurting you, and trying to harm you.
God has our lives planned, and I am beyond grateful that he blessed us to be family, because there's no one else I would rather have than you as my older sister. Thank you for always loving me, and when I hear your voice when we talk on the phone, I know that's my Karla. With your quirky, sometimes sarcastic laugh when your teasing me, I remember your presence, and essence as if it were just yesterday.
One thing that I know for sure, I wouldn't have certain characteristics, if it wasn't for you. I myself am sorry for taking you for granted. I do however, have faith that we will be together again!

I look at your pictures, and the people around you don't realize how lucky they are to be a part of your life. To be around you, and I'm jealous of them for that. You left when I was 10 to a faraway land, and to this day you're still the missing puzzle piece in my box. I love you seeeeeessssteerrr.


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