Selvin Paris Dot Com: July 4th One Year Anniversary!

July 4, 2013, I launched I wanted a way to get the first magazine out for the world to see. I was nervous wondering, would anyone take interest in it? Afraid to let people in on my thoughts, fears, and aspirations. One year later 21,000+ views and counting, I am beyond grateful for anyone and everyone who has shared and viewed my site for fashion, beauty, + inspiration. I am now in a space where I want to expand, enlarge, and do more with my passions and talents. I ask myself, how can I elevate to the next level, how can I do it 10x better? What approach, platform, and recipe can I take on to reach a new height of success? I envision myself as a household name, an entrepreneur who will make a positive impact in the world. I get frustrated when I see people who are in certain platforms with a broad audience and do not use it to set a foundation as a positive essence in the world. Meanwhile there are others who are passionate, with a fire and desire to win and prosper for a better life, to help an encourage others, and they get slept on. I believe in God, and I believe in Selvin Paris, and I have faith that I will receive all that God has promised me.
Xxo, @SelvinParis
FYI: I meant to post this on July 4! (:


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