#HappyBirthday Natalie Paris Acabal! #Sister #Family #BestFriends

"My baby pink, she's my baby pink," I told my mom as she was pregnant, soon to give birth to my sister, Natalie. Since before she was born, I felt genuine, and unconditional love. I was already in love, would talk to my mother's growing stomach, and could not wait for her to arrive.
Flashforward 19 years, we have gone through many ups and downs, but we have overcome all that through the guidance and grace of God, and with the love we have for one another.
I would not want to imagine my life without her, and could not have chosen someone more perfect to be my sister. She has given me the most precious gifts through Nathan and Adrian, and regardless of the naysayers, I have her back, and am proud of who she is, and who she is becoming.
There is no guide to how exactly your life has to turn out, and what directions you have to take. We learn as we go, and make great choices, make some bad ones, but through it all, the best success is having the ones you love alive, and with you. We can have all the riches in the world, but without our family, or the ones we have been blessed to love, life is not the same.
I love you Natalie Paris! (; You are my best friend, my sister, my confidant, and my baby pink. You make me smile when I am sad, you make me happy when it's hard to laugh, you listen to all my nonsense and still love me unconditionally. Thank you for all you do, and even how sad and turbulent this past week has been, without God, or you, I would not be getting through it, or would have not felt joy in my heart again. We are in this forever!
I promise to give you all I can as my business grows and as I become more successful! For now you have all of my love! Things won't stay the same forever, and eventually we will be in better spaces in our lives, I love you! I wouldn't trade you for a million dollars. Your love is priceless! #BestFriendsSinceSheWasBorn
Check out a few songs dedicated to my seeesssterrr Nana, on her special day.
Xxo, @SelvinParis

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