Sweet Memories W/ Ariane Andrew #TotalDivas #Scorpio #Inspiration #ArianeAndrew #GirlBye #WWE

selvinparis"Do you ever have those moments when you feel like giving up?"- Selvin
"All the time, with my eyes balling, but things won't stay the same, they'll get better."- Ariane "So you're saying I should stick it through?"- Selvin
"That's the only way you're going to grow"- Ariane via July 2013
 I truly believe we crossed paths for a reason and had an instant connection. You walked into my life at a time when I felt like giving up and as if I was the only one that felt defeated. You gave me a reality check and helped fuel and reignite the fire within me. For that I am grateful and thank God for you. I will always remember when we ran in the middle of the store to one another, such a sweet moment! And the moment I met your amazing mom. I Luh You ! In my #JLo voice lol Xxo, Selvin Paris. +Ariane Andrew 
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