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I am becoming #obsessed with this badgal Tinashe! Obsessed is an understatement to be honest, with 3 mixtapes out already, (In Case We Die, Reverie, Black Water), before her actual debut Aquarius due in October; Tinashe is an artist to keep an eye and ear out for.
Each of her mixtapes give a different vibe, sound, and look, but the feeling you feel with her lyrics and beats is incomparable.
Some of my favorites from the collection of her three mixtapes are, I Tried (In Case We Die), Yours (Reverie), and Midnight Sun (Black Water), and have her latest, Pretend, featuring A$AP Rocky on repeat!
Although I have yet to hear her full debut, my top favorite song by T, is this particular cut from Black Water, Middle of Nowhere. Poetic, and relaxing, this song is not only pleasant to the ear, but also visually pleasing to the mind.
Xxo, @SelvinParis

in the desert when I heard your name
in the desert sand where we would lay
in the desert sun i burned my face
you deserted me, but you left the pain
when the sky turns into red I'll be out here on my own
don't forget I once called your heart my home
if the wind should ever change who's to say that you will still be the same
but neither will I

in the desert where I saw you smile
in the desert sand where we would play
in the desert heat my tears run dry
you deserted me when you walked away
middle of nowhere
(i'm living in the)
middle of nowhere, yeah
(stuck here living in the)
middle of nowe-he-here
won't you come find me there, ooh

in the desert where I lost my way
where the wind blew sand and hid the road
though the desert days are hard to bear
still the desert nights are always cold

middle of nowhere
(i'm living in the)
middle of nowhere, yeah
(stuck here living in the)
middle of nowe-he-here
won't you come find me there, ooh


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