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My mother always told me, "La vida es para los triunfantes y los victoriosos, no para los cobardes y miedosos - tu eres victorioso, acuérdate de quien eres!" in translation: "Life is for the triumphant and victorious, not for the cowards and those that are scared - you are victorious, remember who you are!" She always referenced 'The Lion King', where Mufasa tells his son Simba to remember who he is and to not let anything or anyone bring him down but to rise up and remember that he is not only the son of a King but on his path of becoming KING! Many times we get into our funks, into moments we feel like we cannot shake off a negative feeling we have, but we have to remember who we are and we have to be like Simba who conquers his fears, and pushes thru all obstacles to get to where we need to be. We can't allow things to stop us from our happiness, remember there's a whole world out there, an entire universe, let's leave our worries to GOD and appreciate the ives we have! Be the conquering lion, not the conquered lion!

A beautiful song that reminds me that I am victorious is "The Conquering Lion" by Lauryn Hill. Listen Below and always remember who you are! Xo, Selvin Paris


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