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To my sister 
I understand the reasons why you had to leave
To a far away land, away from me
You were my role model
Everything I wanted to be
I remember like yesterday 
That call from the airport 
A goodbye over the phone 
Only saw you last week 
My heart broken into pieces 
And I hated that I had to grow up without you
How would it have been
If the cards you were dealt with was a win, and not a loss
A loss to us
We miss you so much 
What more could I have learned from you?
That I could have passed over to my little Natalie,
Would I have learned to guide her better?
Why did they make you run?
Why did they make you hide?
I wish I'd known so I could've protected you from them
Learned to forgive
But can't forget, my sister 
I'm so sorry you had to go thru it alone
21 and so strong 
Betrayed by your own 
I hope you found peace again in your soul... -Selvin


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