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Every year a day before I turn a new age, I look back and reflect on my peaks and my lows - in essence I ponder on what my achievements were this year, what didn't go exactly the way I envisioned and what I will be doing differently in order to achieve greater heights and surpass a new level.

With that said, we all have a fear of failing and many times we will limit our potential because we are to afraid to take a risk and take flight. If we do not demolish that fear or even gain control over it, we will not move forward to greater things. 

At 9 years old, the Mya 'Fear of Flying' album was the first CD I ever purchased. I remember I was OBSESSED with her and the album become a staple of my inspiration to take chances. One song in particular which is the title of the album, 'Fear of Flying' became the song of my life. It demonstrates vulnerability but also how to overcome that and believe that something extraordinary is possible if you push yourself to spread your wings and FLY! 

The chorus goes: 
"I've got a fear of flying high 
(And I'm prepared to spread my wings Ohh) 
It's all in my mind 
(Love defies all gravity yeah) 
Voices in the wind 
(I can hear them welcome me to fly) 
Think I'm flying now, flying now, flying now . . . "

It reminded me that it is a mind over matter type thing with any situation. Many times the voices in your head are really just voices and are not real. The voices can be turned into positivity and affirmation that everything will be fine, but you've got to believe and trust in the greater outcome rather than drown yourself in negativity.

Mya became my all time favorite singer because she taught so much about overcoming your fears and being unafraid to live and to love, even if you're loving for the 100th time.
I really feel aside from my mother instilling so much LOVE and teaching me to forgive, Mya helped emphasize that into my thought process and learning to love again even though you've been hurt before and learning to try again and get back up when you've fallen.

The second verse goes: 
"I've been in love but I fell too fast I found myself in turbulent skies 
I felt the hurt when I crashed and burned 
Then I found myself with tears in my eyes 
But when you look at me, something says that its gonna be alright 
(Gonna be alright) 
Alright (will be alright) 
And all my fears I've faced 
Cuz I think I'm gonna take this flight 
(Will Take this flight)"

Mya will forever be a part of who I am as a person and of my childhood memories. I am so thankful that it was her! That she got that role, without her knowing it, and that she helped shape me into the person I am today. The album as a whole is beautiful and really takes you on a journey of the many different sides of a young woman discovering herself and learning about who she is independently, in a relationship, as a daughter, and as an artist. 

I remember trying to learn the 'Case of the Ex' dance moves in my living room on Willis in Panorama city and waiting for hours watching the music video channels just to see the video once, since YouTube did not exist at the time! 

From the song 'FREE', "single, sexy, and sweet, making my own money, looking for the right party..." to 'How You Gonna Tell Me', "at least if you're gonna go and try to give advice, about my life have your own shit right, cause you ain't even living' what you preach to me so please, how you gonna tell me?" teaching me to be independent and live my life by MY rules. 

To songs like, 'Now or Never', "baby it's time to get up on track and give it ll back to you, I know you really love me, you're always there for me, baby t's tie to get up on track and give it all back to you, I could lose you forever, it's now or never..." teaching me to not wait until it is too late and appreciate the moments and opportunities that are presented to me and just do it and go for it!

Every song has a message, especially the outro, 'Get Over', which the last half of the song goes:
Most of all, thank you Lord, I want everybody to know
To stay strong and know that, no matter what the situation
We will get over, yes, yes and I'm not afraid to fly

Come on, will you fly with me?
Come on, will you fly with me?
Fly, let's get away
When I look inside of me, look inside
I found a better place

In every tough situation I always remember these lyrics, I hear it in my head and truly believe that "no matter what the situation, we will get over..." and I know we will overcome and be in a better place. Every year on my birthday, the first song I play and has become my own personal tradition, is 'Fear of Flying' (the song). It is the idea I keep in my head and heart of the desire to reach new levels, reach new heights and FLY with no fear!

I love you Mya Marie Harrison!!!! xoxo Selvin Paris Acabal


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