he was a BLACK cloud that showered me with colorful lies #poetry #poetrybyselvin #paris #poems #love #black #clouds #colors

I realized realized realized He wasn't it Only wanted me for my body Nothing more Called me his beautiful queen Said I was the one The one he'd marry Told me lie after lie after lie Still I tried and tried and tried Couldn't see beyond the smoke and mirrors I was blind blind blind Didn't want more Couldn't see more past him But there was no more There was no us There was no trust Only needed me when he needed to bust Bust a few rhymes? No More like bust a few nuts I was crazy to think we were one But there was just me He didn't love me Only loved himself I needed more I deserved much better He never encouraged me He never came to see me He never called or made plans Thought I'd stay there forever until I ran ran ran Ran away from him To start all over again Because there was no us to begin It wasn't him
Just me and the wind -Selvin Paris Acabal


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