#wcw - A Q U E E N, truly a woman who is charismatic, moving, fearless, compassionate, genuine, a voice for those like myself who are afraid to speak; speak about things that affect us, our communities, our friends, our families in a negative way and stand up to it - a human with so many layers, a human I am grateful to have met, to know, to call a friend. I grew up reading about women like @yazminmonetwatkins in my history books who fight for a greater cause, fight for change, for equality, for love. Women who are not afraid to create a spark in the minds of the close minded. Here I am witnessing it, in the presence of someone creating positive change, a positive influence in the world that needs to be celebrated more. I have so much mad love and respect for you and am honored to know you - you are a phenomenal woman❤️ #superwoman #boss #queen #equality #change #activist #powerful #phenomenal #poet #woman #inspiration #positive


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