Volume 1/Issue 3
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Volume I/Issue I

"To visually emphasize wonderful photography, styling, and, everything beautiful to inspire you everyday." SELVIN takes you into a new dimension of a magazine. It concentrates on the real people, raw photography, styling, beauty, arts, inspirational life stories, and interaction with you, the reader. It is broken down to 3 key points: Fashion, Beauty, and Inspiration. Fashion wise we spotlight all types of fashion and styles. The styling is crucial because it individualizes one from the other. From high-end couture, to low-end vintage, to punker, skater, feminine, masculine, man or woman, bumlike or superpolished, SELVIN represents every person who wears clothes. Beauty-wise we represent every race, all hairtypes, and any human interested in make-up and all things beauty! We showcase the colors for the season, but most importantly many different looks for your everyday life. Everything and anything can inspire anyone and everyone. From quotes to real life stories, photography, arts, music, to. the sky is the limit! Definitely SELVIN all around as a magazine is an inspiration portfolio for the everyday person, fashionista, celebrity, editor, photographer, stylist, it goes on and on. This magazine is yours. It was made for you, the reader, and I hope it becomes a part of your life forever. We are here to celebrate you." - Selvin Paris @SelvinParis

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