FASHION: is the first portion emphasizing style/styling more than anything. As Coco Chanel said, “Fashion is for now, Style is Forever.”; with that state of mind I choose to demonstrate individual styles from everyone. Not “real” people, or “everyday” people but simply just everyone with style. We will showcase Trends, and pay homage to past and present designers, but it does not revolve just around the Fashion world. Its revolves around the entire world and with SELVIN PARIS I am finding a new way to present clothing to everyone in small and big ways. From high end budgets to more of a budget, the clothing demonstrated in the magazine are not the exact ones you absolutely have to purchase, but is more of a guide to having an idea of what to buy, wherever you choose to buy, with however much money you have to buy; the 3 B‘s. It is like a portfolio to warm up your creativity as far as shopping and styling goes; as long as you get something similar to what you see that sparks your styling taste buds.

BEAUTY: the second highlight in the magazine, which is Beauty for both women and men. There are many products for men that are shelved and go unnoticed that deserve much attention just as all the ones for women. The input of men’s favorites, recommendations, reviews, etc. will make it more relatable not just with women. On the woman side, there is showcasing of everyday looks, evening dinner looks, party looks, over the top, costume, simple looks and the Beauty Trends on the runways will be highlighted. Many times it is very stagnant and not overflowing with ideas. There will be tips and how-to’s placed on our website. There are girls with very little make-up and those with a whole lot of it and we want to incorporate all looks.

INSPIRATION: I always thought that somebody could be inspired by even a rock. Anything could inspire us, a quote, a word, an article, art, a photograph, music, a moment in time, a moment for life. The possibilities are endless and there is such an energy and vibrancy in that. This third portion has a page for our reader’s to send in their pictures through various formats (Facebook, Twitter, pariswallflower@gmail.com) and we will feature them in it. Articles are a major part of this section, dealing with love, family, letting go, appreciation, discrimination, judgment, stereotypes, etc. Also interviews with people with a dream, a passion; those with success already, and those getting there. This part is so important to me because everyone has a story to tell, to share, that can help save a life, help start a business, help ignite a fire in the psychology of someone who is stuck in a rut to dream bigger and not give up. To Be Inspired. Everyday a star is born, just not all of them get to truly shine.


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